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The New Most Engaging Kids' Gift Sounds Like Heaven

See Why 70000+ Kids Prefer it to Their Screens.The Most Beautiful Sounds in Minutes, Not Months: The Musical Shortcut Every Child Needs! (No Experience Required)

September 28, 2023 - Dana Montgomery

“Finding an instrument that my kids would stick with was tough, but the Panda Drum had them hooked in minutes!” — Larry D.


When your Panda Drum arrives, test it out for 30 days. If by any chance your kids aren’t 100% captivated by it, just let us know for a prompt return.

Educational Toys and Instruments Are Boring and Take Too Long to Learn

Let’s face it: waiting isn't a word in our kids' vocabulary. They want fun, and they want it now! Old-school toys and instruments? They demand hours, even days, to get a single cheerful note or fun fact right.

But what if there was a way to get your child to play the most beautiful music in seconds? Imagine an option that's not just kid-friendly and durable, but also a pleasure that kids instantly adore.

There is a solution out there that does exactly this.

Kids Are Distracted and Their Creativity is Suffering

Kids today have so much going on that their own ideas and creativity barely have room to grow. They move from one thing to the next so fast, like flipping channels or scrolling through phones, and it can be hard for them to find ways to show their creative side.

Many educational gifts for kids to do are either too complex or just plain boring, and they don't help kids grow.

But there's a secret: a new kind of instrument that's easy to play right away, sounds beautiful no matter what. Gives kids that instant “wow” feeling.

New, Innovative, Easy To Play Instrument That Sounds Like Heaven

Discover your child's Little Maestro: Panda Drum in Action

Play the video below to Listen to beautiful sounds of Panda Drum.

Instant Beauty: With the Panda Drum, every tap is a note of pure delight — no waiting, no tuning, just spontaneous music.

Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved: Robust and resilient, the Panda Drum withstands the enthusiastic play of the most energetic children.

Musical Freedom: No need for complex notes or theories. Kids create music by numbers, making every session a success.

Pearl Coating




Perfect sound






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What's inside the Panda Drum® Instrument?

Made With The Little Ones in Mind

Panda Drum® Instrument. Our quality drum, start producing soothing sounds within minutes.

Padded travel bag. For fun and music on the go.

Bamboo mallets. Comfort-grip mallets for perfect sound.

Tutorial book.Our guide including tutorial videos and 20+ songs

Tutorial book includes kids' classics like "Jingle Bells" or "Happy Birthday" as well as movie theme songs and more. Songs for any age group.

Extremely Easy to Play. No Need To Know Musical Notes

The Only Instrument Designed For Immediate Fun

The Panda Drum® is a breeze to play, designed to make music easy and always enjoyable. It's perfect for kids eager to explore music without the wait – they strike a number, and the melody just flows.

Easy Numbers Guide: Our songbook shows numbers that match the drum; hit the number, play a song!

Always Harmonious: No wrong notes here; the Panda Drum is designed to sound pleasant with every tap.

Extra Help if You Want It: Video tutorials are there if needed, but most kids pick up the rhythm just by playing.

Kids and Families are Loving The Panda Drum®

See Why 70+ thousand customers trust Panda Drum

Check out these astonishing reviews from verified Panda Drum® customers:

The Best Gift

"Bought as a gift and my son loves it!There is a mini music book included and it includes nice songs that are fun to play. The drum sound is very soothing."

Béatrice D.

Verified Buyer

Steady Beats

"With her ADHD, it's hard for my daughter to stay engaged, but the Panda Drum has been a game changer. She's learning to play songs by heart, and it's boosting her focus."

Martine L.

Verified Buyer

Nightly Ritual

"Every night, before bedtime, my 7 year old son plays his Panda Drum. He's learned the numbers so quickly, it's become his favorite way to wind down."

Michel R.

Verified Buyer

It’s not like any other instrument

Anyone can play.


Compact and portable.

Extremely durable.

Panda Drum®

Embracing the needs of every individual.

Other instruments

Complex instruments with a long learning curve.

Not every instrument caters to the needs and abilities of all users.

Unleash your little one's inner musician

Musical Wonders Await

Designed to sound beautiful no matter how its played.

A Sound Like No Other

And a fun way to discover rhythm and creativity.


No need for tuning - ever. Panda Drum plays beautiful sounds instantly!

No More Screens. Get Ready for Daily Concerts From Your Young Maestro

Let Your Child To Fall in Love With Their Curious and Creative Side

For a limited time, you can save up to $80 when you purchase a Panda Drum® • Plus.

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67,919+ Trusted Customer Reviews

Panda Drum® • Plus


Authentic handcrafted steel tongue drum with rich tones that calm and soothe


67,919+ Happy Customers

Panda Drum® • Plus




Authentic handcrafted steel tongue drum • resonating with deep tones • easy to play

11 Tones • Panda Drum PLUS

D-major • 11" • 3 lbs • 432 Hz

Deep, rich tones • experience relaxation

Soothing frequency • settles mind & relaxes body

Anyone can play • play soothing sounds in minutes

Makes a great gift • inspiring surprise



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Extremely easy to play - stylish and compact.

Made of non-toxic materials. From a brand with worldwide recognition and 65.000+ customers.