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Healing Resonance

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I absolutely adore this thing. I vibe out with my family with it. Anyone can play. You dont even have to know how to play a real song. I named mines Drummie. It's so relaxing, every time I play it I feel like the stress is leaving my body. Panda Drum is a must havefor all the busy minds out there!

Veronica K.

Verified Buyer

In our family music and art are super important, and so when choosing gifts for our grandchildren and friends we always try to find quality items for children to enjoy, whether young or old (like me). We want to encourage the exploration of the arts without driving everyone around nuts!

This is one of those things that simply brightens the room, encourages the soul, and lifts the spirits of everyone.

Andrew G.

Verified Buyer

I love this drum because of the peaceful tones it produces. Most of the notes are absolutely perfect. The drum holds the vibration really well and continues vibrating for a LONG time. This is perfect for creating a meditative atmosphere. Every time I pass mine, I simply MUST play it!

John the Fantastic

Verified Buyer

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A steel tongue drum with mallets on a black background.


Panda Drum® • Pro

Rich sound • 15"

Broad music range

Deep resonance



Most popular

White steel tongue drum with note labels on a black background.


Panda Drum® • Plus

Most versatile • 11"

Great for anyone

Soothing tones



Gold-colored steel tongue drum with marked notes.


Panda Drum® • Mini

Best for kids • 6"


Sweet tones



Drums with Purpose, Sounds that Heal


Kids uplifted through our donations


Families feel more connected and calm


Commitment to bringing calm to families

Giving Back

Peaceful Tones

Kids Love it

Wellness Harmony

Mindful Moments

Deep Resonance

It’s not like any other instrument

Anyone can play.


Compact and portable.

Extremely durable.

Panda Drum®

Embracing the needs of every individual.

Other instruments

Complex instruments with a long learning curve.

Not every instrument caters to the needs and abilities of all users.

Discover the Joy of Making Music with the Panda Drum!

Discover the Magic

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