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7-day relaxation routine

get ready to stretch your stress levels to the brink and then... well, let's just say you'll be chillin' like a panda.

join us and become the coolest cat in the bamboo forest of calmness.


Expect to

boost your mindfulness

With daily exercises tailored to improve your focus and awareness, you'll feel calmer and more centered.

get a better night's sleep

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to sweet dreams with our sleep-promoting exercises.

say goodbye to stress and hello to bliss

The 7-Day Relaxation helps you manage stress by teaching you effective relaxation techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere.

find your zen anywhere, anytime

By reducing stress and improving your sleep, you'll wake up each day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

how does it work?

Okay, let's take a deep breath and let the calmness of the Calm Panda flow through us. Are you ready to unleash your inner zen and say goodbye to stress?

Well, our 7-day relaxation challenge is here to help you find your inner peace, and we promise it won't be a snooze-fest!

Our program is filled with fun and engaging exercises that will have you feeling like a relaxed panda in no time.

So, sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let's get started on your journey to a calm and relaxed mind, body, and soul!

day 1



• Find a comfortable seat
• Get into a relaxed state of mind
• Gently close your eyes


• Breathing patterns
• Physical sensations in the body
• Mood and emotional state


• Improved body and mind relaxation
• Increased self-awareness
• Greater stillness in life

day 2


tip: open meditation in the YT app

• Find a calm, safe place to walk outside
• Focus on 5 things you can see
• Focus on 4 things you can touch
• Focus on 3 things you can hear
• Focus on 2 things you can smell
• Focus on 1 thing you can taste


• Focus on breath and physical sensations
• Walk at a pace that feels right
• Stay mindful of surroundings and physical sensations
• Use "contact" mental note for wandering mind
• Narrow attention to breath and sensations


• Finish with a deep breath in and out
• Take time to reflect on the experience

day 3



• Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed
• Sit comfortably in a soft chair or lie down on a comfortable bed


• Breathe deeply and allow your breathing to fall into a natural rhythm
• Imagine yourself on a quiet beach, relaxing in a reclining chair
• Listen to the serene music and the calling of seagulls
• Drift deeper into relaxation and enjoy being in this haven of peace


Thank yourself for taking the time to meditate and relax

day 4

DISCLAIMER: If you're experiencing respiratory problems (e. g. asthma),
you might want to skip this exercise.
It includes a technique called "box breathing".


• Take a moment to settle in a comfortable and quiet place.
• Set an intention for your meditation and let go of distractions.


• Allow the body to relax, leaving each area relaxed as you move your focused awareness from one part of the body to the next.
• Observe the flow of your breath and the sensations in the body without trying to change them.
• Deepen your breaths and let go of any thoughts or stressors.


• Take a moment to pause and notice how the mind and body feel.
• Gently open your eyes and have a stretch when you're ready.
• Box breathing can also be used outside of meditation if you're feeling stressed or anxious.

day 5



• Prepare a comfortable and quiet space where you won't be disturbed
• Wear comfortable clothing
• Decide on a relaxing breathing technique


• Focus on your breathing and relaxing each part of your body
• Create a place or scene in your mind that brings you peace and happiness
• Imagine yourself stepping into this scene and experiencing it as if it were real
• Pay attention to the sights, sounds, feelings, and scents in this ideal place


• Take a few moments to reorient yourself to your physical surroundings
• Remember that you can revisit this place or create new ones anytime you need to

day 6



• Find a comfortable and upright spot to sit, either on a chair or cushion on the floor
• Close your eyes and focus on your posture, ensuring that it is comfortable but upright



Begin with the body scan meditation by focusing your attention on the top of your head
• Notice any sensations you feel and allow them to be present, without any judgment or distraction
• Focus on your breathing and the physical sensations of your body


• Take a moment to focus on your body as a whole
• Take note of any changes or insights you experienced during the meditation

day 7



• Find a comfortable position (sitting or lying)
• Ensure your spine feels tall and straight
• Softly close your eyes



• Feel grateful for the fact that you can breathe, have access to this meditation, and the world at your fingertips
• Think of three people you are grateful for, relive a happy memory, and feel grateful for a seemingly small thing in your life


• Roll your shoulders, wiggle your fingers, and toes
• Open your eyes at a pace that feels good to you


Hooray! Congratulations for completing our meditation challenge.

You just became healthier and more at peace.

Post your results and tag @calmpandastore with "Day 7 completed".

Calm Panda Team